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Michael Temple
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Michael Temple: Internet Marketing Speaker - Author - Consultant

Executive Coaching Services

Michael recognizes that not all people will need to use the full resources that Temple Development Company consulting services offer. Some companies are small businesses or individuals providing professional services or products. Alternatively you may be an executive in a larger company that needs specialized training or information on a topic for professional development or to implement a project. In situations like these you want the expertise of an experienced technology and marketing professional, but are not in a position to undertake a full consulting project.

It was situations like these that the personal coaching service was created. The coaching is directly with Michael Temple and you will get the full breadth and depth of his experience in a one on one environment. Michael still enjoys working with small businesses and individuals where often the improvements and changes can be dramatic and rapid. If you are in need of a personal coach in the areas of…

  • Internet Marketing

  • Copywriting & Direct Marketing

  • Web Site Management

  • Content Development & Management

  • Guerilla Marketing & PR Strategies

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Topics or Training

  • Developing Business & Marketing Plans

  • Sales Training or Management

  • Internet Entrepreneurship

  • Tutoring on Technology Topics and Tools

Then call Michael today. He provides the coaching personally and offers a lot of flexible options on the amount of coaching, fees, and timing of services. He can work with individuals on specific problems for definitive projects or over a longer period of time to create even larger improvements. You can purchase time with Michael in one hour blocks of time and use the time all at once or through email or phone with individual questions and issues as they arise.

Michael’s personal coaching can include materials from his special reports, training materials, or other resources he has accumulated over his career. His coaching is personal, effective, and discrete. If you feel like you are walking a tightrope without a net and nobody to turn to then you need to purchase your personal coaching session today!


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