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Our special reports and other products below are designed to help you boost your Internet marketing business to the next level.  The information in each report is updated and refined on a continual basis to insure that you get the absolute most accurate and up to date information possible.  We know that a small investment today in our reports could yield a huge profit for you tomorrow!


Spinning The Web Into Gold

Internet Marketing Audio Program: $19.00 + Shipping & Handling


Understanding how to utilize the Internet to effectively market your business, boost eCommerce sales and increase sales lead generation is critical in todays competitive marketplace. Do you know how to do it? 


Most businesses miss a ton of opportunities everyday because they don't know how to do this.  The business they lose can now be yours...

This 1 hour audio program lays out a full Internet marketing plan that you can start using today! I discuss several ways of generating tons of visitors to your web site and how to convert those visitors into sales, leads, and profits! In addition, I discuss how to improve your online business management skills to better leverage your web based assets to increase your business.  This program discusses some of my best secrets for direct response Internet marketing.  Here are a few of the topics I discuss...

  • Search Engine Optimization: How to get your site ranked higher in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other top search engines.

  • Article marketing: This technique can easily double the amount of traffic to your site and give you and your company exposure all over the world!

  • Email markting: How to legally build a marketing list, create email promotions that land like artillery shells, and generate loads of new traffic and sales from your email messages.

  • Copywriting: How to better utilize copywrting and content to move visitors to buyers and sales leads.

  • Bait Piece Strategy: This secret alone can easily double your response on all of your online marketing strategies.  You simply must hear this.

  • And much more...

One idea from this program, just one idea, could easily be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars to you...many times what you will pay for the program.  How can you lose?  Order today and start realizing more sales, leads and profits tomorrow. 

Order now!


P.S. Order today and I will throw in two of my most requested tip sheets on... Email Marketing and Online Advertising.  My tip sheets are only available in my live seminars that people normally pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to attend.  They are yours for FREE with you order today!




Special Report: 25 Ways to Promote Your Web Site: $9.95


Having a steady and constant flow of qualified and interested traffic coming to your web site is one of the keys of Internet success.  If you have an eCommerce site, a site that promotes your business, or special interest site it is criticial to have a steady flow of traffic.  Unfortunately far too many sites don't have this traffic and their web site is not profitable.

This special report will change that.  It will help you develop a steady stream of interested and qualified traffic to your site.  Once you have a steady flow of traffic you can create all kinds of revenue streams from selling more products and services to selling advertising and affiliate traffic, but it all begins with getting the traffic to your site first.

Don't let another day go by without reading this special report.  Act now and you can be realizing a more profitable web site tomorrow.  If this report helps you get one extra customer it will pay for itself many times over, but imagine if it helps you get hundreds or even thousands  of extra sales over the next year!  Order now.




Web Site Evaluation and Strategy Report: $699.00


Would you like to know if your web site is operating at its peak performance? If you operate an eCommerce business or have a site that promotes your business then it is essential you know every trick and technique possible to wring the last dollar of value out of your site.



Let Michael do a full analysis on your site. He will review your web site using all of his experience and knowledge and provide you a full report what you are doing well and what you need to do better.

The report will provide critical information your company needs to make your site profit center for your business. The information provided will boost your sales, increase the amount of leads you get from your site, and enhance your profits. With people and companies making fortunes online you can't afford to be without this information. If Michael's analysis gives you one good idea it could pay for the cost of the analysis 10 times over!

Don't wait another second, act now and buy this analysis it could very well be one of the most important business decisions you make today!



P.S. Act today and Michael will also give you a free competitor analysis of any competitor's web site and how you can make your site outperform them like they were asleep!




Personal Coaching Service: $100 per hour


Michael's personal coaching service is designed to help individuals and businesses insure that their marketing strategies are helping them to achieve incredible returns. Many times having an experienced marketing expert to brainstorm ideas or answer questions when you need answers quickly that help you achieve more and create your own success is critical in business. Let Michael become your own personal coach/consultant today! One idea you get during coaching could help you make thousands of dollars! Isn't that worth an investment today? Take action! Make the decision to improve your situation today.

Michael offers coaching over the phone or email and you can use the service to get specific questions answered or to develop a new strategy. To find out more about the coaching service click here.




Internet Marketing - Speaker - Author - Consultant: Spinning The Web Into Gold