What We Do

Temple Development CorporationFor almost two decades we have been helping businesses use digital & direct marketing strategies and technologies to profitably grow their businesses. Our strategies are focused on building quality traffic, content, and processes that boost sales, generate leads, and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Our strategies start with fully understanding your target audience and their goals. Next, we utilize a mix of web development, UX, effective design, inbound marketing, social media, search engine optimization & marketing, copywriting, email marketing, and generating quality content with text, video, and audio.

We utilize robust analytics and data-driven processes to continually build your marketing effectiveness over time. Finally, we don’t believe it is enough to simply do this for clients but rather work collaboratively with our clients on constant education, training, and development so that they understand the why and how of what we do.

Who We Are

Temple Development Corporation is a digital and direct marketing consulting company that creates successful web-centric strategies for companies and organizations. The company is owned and directed by Michael Temple who provides consulting and utilizes a talented team of designers, writers, videographers, and programmers to develop solutions to complex problems. We have three factors driving our success:

Holistic Approaches: Unlike other technology or consulting companies our innovation comes from analyzing the entire marketing ecosystem. We counsel businesses and senior management on where and how to apply our strategies to work in tandem with the goals of your core audience.

Innovative Approaches: In the digital marketing world, information, strategies, and techniques change rapidly. We are constantly learning, studying, and testing current approaches and strategies to ensure that our clients always get the very best information and strategies.

Measurability: We believe that the best strategy evolves from utilizing the scientific method and reliable data. We implement analytics into all our projects so that we don’t have to guess what works and what doesn’t. Our recommendations and solutions are always backed up by data and tempered with current trends and strategies to give you the best outcome possible.

Where We Came From

Temple Development Corporation was founded by Michael Temple in 2003. Prior to founding the company Michael worked for large web development and marketing companies as well as being part of a startup. The successes and failures during this time generated the thinking that still drives our strategy today. In business, nothing happens until people are motivated to act. In addition, you don’t get people to act until you fully understand who they are, what they want, and how you can solve their problems.

As strategies and technologies have changed over the years we have continued to evolve and implement what works and do our best to sort out the hype from fact. As a company, we keep a Kaizen philosophy, which is an old, but relevant Japanese custom of making small, consistent, and constant improvements over time to give clients the best service and outcomes possible. The Japanese have a proverb that says:

“A trickle of water can move a mountain over time”
– Japanese Proverb

The new shiny “wow” strategy always gets the attention and creates excitement, but it is the small, steady and consistent improvements over time-based on the data of what works and what doesn’t that will give you the most improvements to your business and your bottom line.