Copy Critique & Editing

Having an experienced copywriter that can take a fresh look at your materials or sales pieces may reveal things you didn’t see simply because you are too close to the topic. Perhaps I can bring a strategy you didn’t think of or an approach you wouldn’t have considered.

I can evaluate copy, strategy, results of data and give input on some or all of it as you wish. I can also do a review of several of your pieces combined to assess how it fits in with your brand image or direct marketing strategy to give you more than just a basic critique or edit and give you a more comprehensive review.

Copy Critique

I will read through your copy and offer a variety of suggestions and strategies to help it perform better. Some of the elements that I will evaluate your copy for include:

  • Headline or Subject Line
  • Offer
  • Language Use
  • Sales Points
  • USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Audience
  • Voice
  • Technical Writing
  • Marketing Strategy

Giving your copy a fresh, but constructive critique will help it perform better. In addition, I have many actual formulas I use to evaluate copy that I have learned over the years. You will be getting more than just my opinion on the copy. I will apply my formulas and give you feedback based on those performance metrics.


If you need copy or materials professionally edited and cleaned up I can help. Again, I will be evaluating your piece for proper writing, eliminating unnecessary wording, clarification of sales points, and other edits to sharpen the copy and make it read better and perform better.

I have over two decades of writing experience for a variety of industries for many pieces and audiences. If you have junior copywriters that can produce initial drafts, but simply need a more experienced eye to review and sharpen the copy I can help.

Please call today to see how I can help you make your existing copy perform at a higher level.

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