Copywriting FAQs

Every copywriting has different policies, procedures, and methods for tackling copywriting assignments. Below are common questions about kill fees, methodology, royalties, and other common questions most often asked.

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Q: How do you charge for a copywriting assignment?

I provide a quote based on the overall project. My quote will include research, writing and 2 rounds of revisions. If there are excessive meeting requests or updates needed by phone or email there may be an additional charge.

Q: Do you charge a “kill fee” for a project that has been cancelled?

Yes, once an assignment has been agreed to I begin work immediately. The kill fee is a minimum of 50% of the fee for the project, but the actual amount is based on the amount of time into the project at the time of termination with 50% being as low as it will be. I have time in meeting, discussing projects, quoting, gathering materials, research and planning. Even if I haven’t written a lot of the copy I still have a decent quantity of time involved before writing begins. Please see my methodology for my approach.

If I submit a first draft then 100% of the fee is owed as the revisions don’t typically amount to a significant portion of project time and a bulk of the work was performed to produce the first draft.

Q: Do you perform spec work?

No, I am an experienced copywriter with over two decades of writing experience. I have a long and successful record as a copy and content writer. I consider my time valuable as I am sure you do and will not do spec work. If you feel you need to see some of my work before I am hired please take some time to review my portfolio as this will give you a feel for how I would approach your assignment.

Q: Do you charge royalties?

Sometimes. It depends on the assignment and how we structure the compensation. This will be negotiated and known in advance. If I perform extremely well on a sales or email campaign that generates considerable revenue and profits then it is only fair that I share in some of the success of that campaign through a royalty as opposed to a straight writing fee. However, remember that royalties are only paid if you make money. If you don’t make any money neither do I. We share the risk as well as the reward.

Q: Who owns the copyrights?

I retain the full copyrights until final payment is received. Once I receive payment for the assignment I assign full copyrights to you in perpetuity. If I am not paid for any reason I have full control over the copy and can ask that it be removed from wherever you are using it until I am paid in full.

Q: Will you do a rush job?

Yes, but my rates are usually double my normal rate. If for any reason I don’t believe I can meet your timetable I will notify you before accepting the assignment. If I agree to the timetable I will deliver on time.

Q: Do you guarantee the response rate on direct response copywriting?

No, there are simply too many variables that are beyond my control. I am often working with a client’s list, offer, and products among other things. If the assignment is for web copy I don’t know what traffic you are getting, how much or where it is coming from. These are variables that I cannot control and therefore cannot guarantee how well they will perform even with my copy.

Q: Do you provide graphic design services?

Yes, I have a team of talented designers that can take the copy I write and turn it into a sales piece for you. We also have web designers that can put copy into web or landing pages or email campaigns. In addition, we work with many printers and can get your piece printed as well to provide you a full turn key experience from the copy to the finished piece.

Q: How do you bill for a project?

I submit an invoice for NET 30 days once a final draft has been submitted. If you hold up on providing any revisions or feedback needed to complete the project for more than 10 days then I will assume the project is completed or has been cancelled and the kill fee will apply based on the amount of the project completed, which is typically 100% if a first draft has been submitted. If an invoice is more than 30 days past due possible finance and interest charges may be applied.

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