Search Engine Optimization SpecialistsSearch engines are responsible for delivering the vast amount of traffic to most web sites. Some may come from other sources like social media, inbound links, etc. but search engines still do the heavy lifting in terms of helping visitors find new web sites and delivering traffic to existing web sites.

Therefore, it makes sense to a business to focus resources in search engine marketing to boost traffic to their site. Many businesses believe this is simply “free” traffic and that all you must do is put up a web site and wait until the search engines find you. Nothing could be further from the truth. You will have to earn every bit of quality search engine traffic you get. We offer two search engine marketing services for clients.

Search Engine Marketing (Paid Advertising)

Some of the highest quality and best targeted traffic you can get is purchased traffic or more commonly called pay to click advertising. This is the process of selecting keywords targeted to niche markets and using those keywords to generate pay to click ads on platforms like Facebook, Google, and Bing that will drive people to your site. These ads can take on a variety of formats, appearances and sizes including even video based ads.

Effective search engine marketing will pay for itself in more leads and higher sales. This does not happen by accident. You need a firm that understands how to set up, run, adjust, analyze, and retarget paid campaigns as well as building the supporting infrastructire like landing pages. Further, you want a firm that understands the process of routing that traffic into effective and well-designed sales funnels that will convert into leads and sales.

We hold many industry certifications in paid advertising and can help with the following:

  • Keyword Selection
  • Niche Market Analysis
  • Ad Design & Copywriting
  • Landing Page Development
  • Sales Funnel Creation
  • Analytics
  • Retargeting Campaigns

Our firm can help you through each component of setting up and executing a paid traffic campaign to increase your sales. We can help you set up an effective paid search campaign from beginning to end as well as execute it for you and adjust or improve your campaign. We also offer training to in-house staff that can learn how to manage campaigns we set up and eventually set up and manage them entirely in-house with your staff.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization (Organic Search Improvement)

This area of search engine marketing has long been fertile ground for scam artists, inept consultants, and wild myths and rumors. Most businesses are used to getting multiple emails from companies promising for hundreds, or more likely, thousands of dollars in fees they can guarantee you will be “number 1 in Google”. Unfortunately, this is the wrong metric to measure success by and could cost you a lot of money and lost time for poor or non-existent results.

In addition, many businesses mistakenly believe that any webmaster can “make a few adjustments” to your web site and you will suddenly rocket up to number one in Google (again, wrong metric) and stay there. You won’t need to do anything else and a constant source of free traffic will pour into your site each and every day forever. Both scenarios are pure fantasy.

If you are looking for an honest and ethical search engine marketing firm that will help you build organic traffic the correct way and get real results, we can help. You need to understand the process is not cheap or fast. There are simply no “quick changes” that will create results. It is a steady process of work followed by analysis and more work.

We can provide the following services:

  • Site Audit – Every successful SEO campaign begins with a site audit to ensure that your site is responsive, fast and well designed to be optimized. Google has laid out considerable criteria in this area and we know and understand that criteria.
  • Competitor Analysis – This process evaluates your competitors and shows you how you rank compared to them and where they are stronger or weaker. It also teaches you what they are doing right and how to replicate that on your site.
  • Market (Niche) Analysis – This is necessary to see how competitive your market is in general and how easy (or difficult) it will be to get you effective SEO results. It also gives you strategies for dominating smaller niche markets where you can do well and avoid difficult larger markets that are hyper competitive and almost impossible to perform well in.
  • Keyword Development – All search engine marketing both paid and SEO come down to effective keyword development and selection strategy. Optimizing your site and content for the correct keywords will bring in quality traffic that matches your target market. We help you build a quality set of keywords that you can compete effectively and achieve results.
  • Content Development – A cornerstone of effective SEO is a constant flow quality content to your site. Simply putting up an 8-10-page web site and never adding content to it or changing information will never be a winning strategy. Successful businesses must develop quality content and continue to do so on a regular basis.
  • Social Media Integration – Social media is here to stay and plays a key role in SEO. This includes everything from positive reviews to word of mouth campaigns online on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. Social media marketing and management is generally a cornerstone of our SEO strategy.
  • Website Optimization – SEO will never work if your site itself has problems with security, performance or responsiveness. We provide a full website analysis using 3rd party evaluation tools to give you concrete issues that may exist with your site and work to resolve these issues.
  • SEO Copywriting – How you write and present content on your website must be set up for the search engines, take your keywords into account and solve marketing problems. We provide full SEO copywriting services that meet all of these criteria and will help you perform better in the search engines as well as convert more visitors on your site into leads or sales.
  • Analytics – Effective SEO services consistently collect data on all aspects of your strategies. This data is used to adjust or change strategy. Not using data to make decisions is like driving your car blind folded. Our firm can help you figure out what data is important and relevant and how to interpret that data.

Our firm holds industry certifications in SEO as well as having years of experience assisting businesses in many different industries. There are simply no short cuts or magic bullets when it comes to doing quality SEO work. If you are interested in getting effective SEO work for your business and benefitting from a new source of targeted traffic to your web site please contact us.