In the early days of the Internet video was extremely rare due to the cost of production and low availability of broad band connectivity to everyone but the largest companies. Fast forward to today and video is everywhere. People stream it on their TV and consume it on every device they own. It is now easier to produce and easy to deliver.

These trends have not been ignored by marketers and content producers. Video is becoming the fastest growing and most consumed content on the web. Businesses that ignore video as part of their marketing mix are missing the boat. There are many people that are visual learners or simply prefer video to reading or listening to content. They prefer to watch it.


Video has several advantages:

  • It can incorporate images, sound, graphics and text in a single medium.
  • It is a very effective way to convey messages and content
  • You have more control over delivery of content from messaging, order and pace
  • Video is easily tracked with proper analytics to see who watched the entire video

Video is no longer reserved to just large companies with enormous budgets. Businesses of all sizes can and should benefit from video marketing. You can do a simple video by recording your screen on your computer and narrating while you move through a tutorial or presentation. You can also use a film crew, special lighting and several cameras as well as editing and special effects to create truly memorable video productions and everything in between.

Our Video Production Services

We offer a variety of services in video production depending on what you are looking for or the type of project you need to put together. All our work is performed by a talented team of videographers and can be customized anyway you need.


Here is what we can offer:


Full Production – We can have a film crew come on site with one or more cameras, lighting, script writing services and produce a video of any length for any purpose. Our full production can include editing, special effects and other features to give you a completely customized video production.

Scaled Production – If you don’t require a full video production crew we offer a variety of options to bring down the production investment and give you more “rough” video that can be used on social media or other channels. It can have as little or as much editing as you need or want to achieve your goals.

Screen Casts – This is video that is a recording and narration of a computer screen. This is often useful for tutorials online, training videos, walk through videos, sales presentations with Power Point or another specialized video production. We have software to create any type of screen cast production you want or need.

Training – If you are looking to do simple videos for social media that will not be highly edited or polished, but just convey simple information that you can do in house as part of your own content marketing strategy. We can provide basic training on script writing, video content ideas, and other video consulting to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Ala Cart – If you have video that needs editing or need other one-off video production services such as formatting, adding content, or other specialized services we can also help. We hope you will consider us for larger or more involved projects in the future, but we can provide one off “as needed” video production services.

No matter what type of video production you require we have an offering that can fit your marketing objectives and budget. Please call us today with questions or to schedule a consultation.