eCommerce Web SitesIn the early days of the Internet building an eCommerce web site was an incredibility difficult, expensive and time-consuming process. Many web developers didn’t even have the expertise to build these sites. In addition, many of these sites required very expensive software licenses. It was not uncommon to pay 50-100K for a custom eCommerce site.

Today, building an eCommerce site is as simple as setting up a store front through one of many providers like Go Daddy or Shopify. It would seem we have come full circle. The process of setting up a store front is reasonably straight forward and inexpensive, until…

You decide you want your shopping cart to function a certain way or you need your products to display this piece of information, but only in certain cases or you need variable shipping on this product, but standard shipping on that one… In other words, the minute you need something customized to your business that doesn’t fit into the standard package or plan for the web store provider you have chosen you are in trouble.

What is worse is that developers typically can’t access the internal working code of these tools to customize them for you if you have decided to use them. They are basically one size fits all way of providing eCommerce, which in our experience rarely works well. The best eCommerce sites and business use a combination of well designed website features and effective marketing to create a user experience that makes it not only easy to buy the first time but to return and buy again or buy more than they were initially planning thus making you more money.

As with the website builders like Wix or Go Daddy the pre-built store front solutions work well to a point based on providing commonly asked for services at a reasonable cost. Rarely will these solutions work for large eCommerce operations or for very specialized needs. That is where our team comes in.

Custom eCommerce Website Solutions

When you need something more than a standard store front provider can give you is really when our team can help you. We offer services to completely customize your web store for your unique business needs and flow. We have a lot of experience in eCommerce and can help you design an effective page design, product pages, and layout that is designed to effectively sell. We can build any functionality you want or need including:

  • Custom Shopping Carts
  • Specialized Product Pages
  • Custom Promotional Functionality
  • Social Selling and Sharing Integration
  • Custom Data Exports to Accounting Software
  • Specialized Order and Product Management Features

Standard eCommerce Sites

Maybe you are asking so, if you only need a relatively simple standard eCommerce site we won’t work with you? Nope, we will work with anyone that needs assistance. Sometimes even if you don’t want a custom built eCommerce solution you don’t have the technical skills to implement a fairly standard site. We can still help and are happy to do so. No matter what your needs from custom to standard our team can help.

Marketing & Management Services

Our team of programmers and designers can build any type of storefront or customized solution you will want or need. However, building an eCommerce store is only half the battle. Running an eCommerce business is the other half and it is a completely different animal.

We have a team of digital marketing consultants that can help design an eCommerce site and marketing plan to help you not only build the site, but make it successful. There is nothing worse than excitedly building an eCommerce site with grand expectations only to fall flat on your face because you don’t know how to run an eCommerce business. We can design an effective store front or market the site to your target audience. We provide many services in this area including:

  • Niche Market Selection & Targeting
  • Paid Advertising Campaigns
  • List Building Tools & Strategies
  • Social Media Integration
  • Content Development
  • Sales & Product Video Creation
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Analytics Tracking & Interpretation

Digital Marketing Management Services

Our Process

We start with an open discussion of your goals and objectives and follow that up with an audit of your needs and capabilities. The process of how we conduct our audit and information we gather and present back to you is proprietary and based on years of experience working in eCommerce. Based on your needs it could be just a technical implementation or a combination package of technical and marketing services.

When we are finished with the planning process you will have a precise blueprint of what you need and why. We include a detailed timeline for delivery with specified milestones and resource requirements from you and us. If the project calls for marketing services we will provide a full written marketing plan and strategy guide. Our process insures that you get what you paid for and that we stay on time and on budget.

Our Pricing

As with our custom web design services our pricing is offered in 2 models:

Monthly Retainer: We charge a monthly fee to build, host and maintain the web site. This monthly retainer can be on the basic end or scale up to provide a full portfolio of monthly marketing services depending on your needs.

Project Pricing: We charge an upfront fee to build the site to your exact specifications. The full investment is known in advance along with a detailed list of what will be delivered for that fee. Changes to the scope of the project will be handled with a written change addendum agreed to by all parties. When the project is completed we can still provide hosting and support or upload the project to any service you want.

Our Support

We offer full support on any projects we design and build. We charge for support services based on a monthly fee that will include certain elements or a “pay as you go” model where you pay for support items as needed on an hourly basis. Anyone on our monthly plans will receive priority support as part of the service.

If you still have specific questions about our service please take a moment to review our frequently asked questions (FAQ).