This is for an international manufacturing company. This is for one of their many lines of diversified products that are sold all over the world and is the number one selling product in this category.




This is a northwest Ohio based medical practice focusing on counseling services.

Carpet Spectrum

This is a site for a flooring store serving northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan

Law Office of Timothy J. Walerius

This is for the law offices of Tim Walerius focusing on environmental, insurance and construction law in Ohio


Poggemeyer Design Group

Poggemeyer is a national architectural and engineering firm with offices across the U.S. This site is very heavy on design with an entire team of designers creating a variety of custom layouts for each type of service and market the company serves. The site is fully responsive and has a completely customized CMS system in the backend that allows the marketing and design teams to tweak each individual page and layout that allows them to changes photos, content, and have some control over the layout.


Poggemeyer Home Page – Features Edge to Edge Slider

Poggemeyer Design Group Home Page

Poggemeyer Sub Page Sample

Poggemeyer Subpage Sample

Poggemeyer Subpage Sample 2

Poggemeyer Subpage Sample 2


Calverley HVAC

Calverley HVAC is a regional HVAC company. The site is fully responsive.

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Brady, Coyle & Schmidt

BCS is a law firm with clients all over the U.S. The site is fully responsive

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Rohrbacher, Cron

RC is a law firm with clients all over the U.S. The site is fully responsive and includes a custom CMS.

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Palmer Energy Company

Palmer is an energy consulting company that works with cities and businesses to reduce energy costs. The site is a sample of our design capabilities. At the time this site was built responsive was an optional route and the client asked that it not be responsive. The next generation of the site will feature a fully responsive framework.

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Carruth Studio

George Carruth is a celebrated American sculptor that has designed hundreds of whimsical garden-themed pieces. The site is a full eCommerce site with a variety of marketing tools integrated into the backend. The site is fully responsive.

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