Email Marketing

One of the great innovations of modern communication is email. Businesses quickly adopted email for communication and marketing. Every day a staggering number of emails crisscross the globe in a dynamic web of communication. Many emails are marketing related and much of it is poorly executed.

Statistics on email marketing performance vary and are affected by many variables, but it is safe to say that many are mediocre at best. These low-performing campaigns have any number of issues including poor open rates, low response, ineffective copy, and non-existent sales funnels. Over time poor performing campaigns will have large unsubscribe rates and may even get you blacklisted as a spammer. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our strategies and services can offer a better alternative.

Email marketing

Email Marketing Services

With proper execution email marketing can and should be one of your best producing ways to generate leads, engage customers and boost sales. Our firm offers several services to assist you in reaching this level of performance. Here is a list of the services we provide:

List Development

Without a good list there is no email marketing. We will develop several strategies across many platforms to build you a responsive marketing list of your ideal client.

Campaign Optimization

Emails that are not opened and acted on will never deliver leads or sales to you. Prospects need to open, read and act for an email to work. We build better performing email campaigns from increased open rates to higher click through rates.


One of the cornerstones of effective email marketing is copywriting. Effective messages must grab the prospect’s attention and move them through a message and convince them to act. We write copy that meets this standard.

Sales Funnel Creation

A well designed sales funnel guides your email traffic down a defined sales path. It delivers the proper content to your responses as they move along the curve from prospect to customer, also known as the customer journey. It may include auto responders and marketing optimization to create a hands off approach to lead generation.

Landing Page Creation

These pages can be stand alone pages or part of a larger sales funnel, but are designed to convert email respondents into leads and sales. Developing well performing pages requires a combination of marketing expertise, a keen understanding of your audience, effective copywriting and excellent design. We specialize in creating high converting landing pages.


As with most things in digital marketing, email campaigns can be tracked and produce an incredible amount of useful information if you know how to collect, interpret and act on it. It is important to understand which metrics affect which variables and how to do that. Our analytics methodology is designed to do this.

Implementing the right strategies that are effective and constantly improved based on incoming data is how you build a well-performing email marketing strategy. We give you the option of completely outsourcing to us or we can train members of your company to execute these campaigns.

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