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The main roadblock businesses face when trying to implement an inbound and digital marketing strategy is no employees that have the time or skills necessary to implement the system and keep it going consistently. Often, they simply don’t have the skill set or other responsibilities pull them away and the strategy is never implemented.

Fractional Digital Strategist

We developed a solution for these businesses where we become a fractional DS (Digital Strategist) to their company. Fractional means we will not be full-time, but we will dedicate enough time to maintain overall strategic direction and achieve specific objectives. Our team will implement the key items to keep your strategy on track and producing results. We have the skills and our team has the time and capabilities to implement the strategies and keep them consistently going over time.

We work with you to develop the strategy and begin implementing it with our team. We meet with you and your management team every single month and are always available by phone or email to answer questions. Here are some of the benefits of using us as your fractional digital strategist:

  • Modern Skill Set – This is all we do. We maintain all the skills and certifications to implement this strategy for you. We know what needs to be done and have team members that are at the top of their game in each of the areas necessary. You don’t need to train them or worry about them leaving your business once they are trained because they got a better offer somewhere else.
  • Consistency – Once our team takes on your business we apply the right quantity of resources to implement and execute the strategy. Our team isn’t distracted by other responsibilities and we don’t get pulled away when things get busy. We can consistently apply the strategy every month without stopping or breaking.
  • Minimum Investment | Maximum Return: The fees we charge to bring all the skills and value of many employees with years of experience at a fraction of the cost of hiring employees that can do everything we can do for the investment we ask for each month. In fact, we are very confident that you could NOT hire employees with the skills, talent, or experience of our team and pay what we charge or anywhere near it. The ROI on your investment is very good.
  • Minimum Time Commitment – Once the strategy is developed we require very little internal resources from you. We understand the strategy and can implement it without supervision from you or your staff. We meet with you monthly and provide reports and proof of what we did and the results so you can manage and direct instead of having to implement and supervise every detail yourself.
  • Scalability – We have monthly plans that include a few services for a lower fee, but still generate results, to larger monthly commitments that can offer far more value. These plans can be expanded or contracted to fit your budget on short notice. Our system will scale based on your exact needs. We find a way to work with your budget and scale to your needs.

With this service, we have given you the ability to bring in high levels of skill, consistent delivery, decades of experience at a fraction of the cost of trying to do it internally and manage the process yourself. Our digital growth plans can be scaled, started, and stopped when desired.

Modern business today doesn’t try and do everything internally. That is an old way of thinking that wasn’t efficient in the past or now. Our outsourced marketing department gives the small and medium-sized businesses of today an advantage of a large company with a business-friendly investment.

To learn more, schedule a free 45-minute consultation where we will give you the details and at least three strategies you can implement today whether you hire us or not. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Call us today.

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