Law Practice Marketing

Law firms have two main goals in marketing their legal practices. These goals are universal in all law practice marketing strategies. First, they require rich content that demonstrates their full capabilities and experience. This content must be presented in a variety of formats to appeal to how various members of the audience want to consume that information, i.e. video vs. blog articles for example.

The second issue is optimizing their websites for the content they are producing to bring in as much organic traffic as possible. This can be difficult based on the area of law you need to optimize for. For example, optimizing for “injury” or any related terms is extremely difficult if not impossible due to the competitive nature of the term. However, there are other strategies that can be employed that will work.

It is important to evaluate the areas your law practice is marketing in, evaluating the competitive environment and assembling a strategic plan that will work for you. Our agency has worked with a variety of law firms over the years and provide a full portfolio of services including:

We can customize a marketing program that will fit your law practice both in personality and effectiveness. There are excellent case studies available of law firms that draw a wide range of clients because they implement successful digital marketing practices.

We recommend that you schedule a free 45-minute consulting session with us. During this session we will share various case studies of law firms that are doing well with their inbound marketing strategies and make sure you leave the session with at least 3 actionable steps you can take immediately to improve your visibility and marketing.

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