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The laws surrounding all the issues related to digital marketing, social media and digital assets are woefully behind the actual technology and falling further behind by the day. Therefore, lawyers are often struggling just to understand how the technology works so they can try and apply some type of legal theory to it. That is where legal consulting comes into play.

We are digital marketing and technology experts that provide technology consulting to assist attorneys in dealing with issues where technology and law meet. We provide expert witness services to individuals, lawyers and businesses that are trying to sort technology issues out.

We are not attorneys. We are digital technology experts. We provide the background information and expertise to assist in legal issues. Here are some of the areas we assist with:

Estate Law

Estates are no longer simply physical assets like bank accounts, personal property and houses. In today’s digital world it is also social media profiles, online assets, domain names, web sites, affiliate income streams and many other potential assets. Estate attorneys need to identify these assets, assign value to them and figure out how to dispose of them. We can help in these areas from planning an estate to working with an estate once someone is deceased.

Divorce Law

With 50% of the marriages in the U.S. ending in divorce and the vast amount of business performed online and the assets that surround them law firms handling divorces need help. Legal teams need someone that can assist in a divorce with finding digital assets, assigning a value to them, and offering consulting on how to treat those assets during a divorce. Today digital assets could run into the millions of dollars and the issues surrounding them are complex. We can help you sort this out.

Digital Business

With so much business being conducted online it is inevitable that disputes will occur. Those disputes can be between vendors and business over issues of ownership and responsibilities. Disputes can also arise between customers and businesses. However, the one main issue is that understanding the issues involved in terms everyone can understand will go a long way to settling disputes. We can help your legal team understand these complex issues and frame them in terms that everyone can understand so a fair and equitable settlement can be reached by all parties. We provide both consulting and expert witness services to assist businesses and legal firms.

Law can be complex and technology can be complex, but when both issues crash into each other the issues can become staggeringly complex. We can help you sort out the technology issues, explain the technology, guide the parties involved and assist everyone in reaching a fair and equitable settlement. We can assist with:

  • Legal Consulting & Expert Witness Services
  • Estate Planning
  • Training
  • Asset Recovery
  • Asset Valuation

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