Manufacturing Marketing

One of my long time clients that I have been working with for many years now once called me and explained that they ran a manufacturing company and were busy building things and didn’t understand or have the capacity to do their own in house marketing. This is not uncommon. If you own a manufacturing company and need help with your marketing, we are the company to talk to.

It doesn’t matter if you sell through a distribution network to dealers or have an internal or contract salesforce you have some needs that are the same and some needs that are different and some that are unique to your company. Our approach is always customized to your needs.

Here are just some of the services we can provide.

  • Brand Building: The value of a company is tightly linked to the value of the brand. We can help create a brand image that will be remembered by your customers.
  • Lead Generation: If you have a sales force and need to generate leads for them, we can use innovative marketing approaches to generate leads for your sales force.
  • Distribution Support: If you sell through distribution your dealers will require help effectively marketing your products to end users. We can assist with this marketing support.
  • eCommerce: Some manufacturers have decided to create an alternative sales channel and want to sell directly to the public through eCommerce. We have all the skills to set up an eCommerce operation for your company.

Digital Marketing Services We Provide

The best low risk way to start the process of working with us begins by scheduling a free 45-minute consulting session with us. This will give us an opportunity to learn about your company and return some value to you for spending time with us. We guarantee that you will leave this session with at least 3 actionable items you can put into use immediately.

Let years of experience working with manufacturing companies be the X factor you need to grow your bottom line. We specialize in working with manufacturers of all sizes and product types. I know we can assist your company.

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