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Dear Meeting Planner:

As a meeting planner and organizer your credibility is on the line every time you book a speaker, especially a digital marketing speaker where the information changes so rapidly. If your membership is demanding real world, relevant, and practical information, then you better deliver. Booking the wrong speaker will destroy your credibility with your members or your company. How do you know if you are potentially hiring the wrong speaker?

Many professional for fee speakers are not experts or current practitioners in the field they are speaking about. They are often good at speaking, but if they don’t actively practice what they speak about their information is often dated or wrong. They focus on speaking for audiences and not doing. Your audience ends up getting poor and outdated information; or worse a bunch of useless anecdotes and acronyms that don’t create real or sustainable change or value for your audience. This couldn’t be more true than in digital marketing and technology where I speak. This industry is changing like lightning every single day and if you don’t practice and use this stuff every single day and provide speaking services as an add on you are not providing good or relevant information. As a digital marketing speaker you can be assured my content and topics come from real world hands on cases and clients. I don’t use worn out material that was outdated 5 years ago.

Next time you need to book a digital marketing speaker for an event work with one that primarily earns his/her income actually practicing the topic they are speaking about. The program is far more relevant and the information is accurate and immediately applicable.

“Michael Temple is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable speakers I have ever heard on marketing and Internet strategy.”

- David Stanford

Industry Professional

The first thing you will want to know about a quality speaker is their background. I have spent two decades in marketing and technology. Most of that time has been in digital marketing. Creating and implementing digital marketing strategies is my primary occupation. I am a consultant first and a speaker second. Every single day I work with clients and implement marketing campaigns in all areas of digital marketing including:

  • Design & UX
  • Paid Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • eCommerce
  • Sales Funnel Development
  • Optimization – Testing – Analytics
  • Copywriting

My clients depend on me to deliver results that move the needle in their business every day. As I learn and develop strategy I simply work this material into my training and presentations so your audience can be assured that I am providing current, effective and relevant expertise in every program I present.

“We were very pleased with your extensive knowledge of Internet marketing strategy and how you were able to customize that information to our industry by delivering a tight, concise, and engaging presentation that provided a lot of value to our members and left them asking for more.”

— Tony Ellis, NACS

Engaging Delivery

As a meeting planner, you are under the gun to find a speaker that not only offers fresh and dynamic content, but also keeps your audience engaged and excited. My speaking style will keep your audience focused, engaged and excited.

Utilizing a combination of exercises, engaging questions, statistics and stories drawn from history, business and my own experience I will create a seminar or workshop that keeps your audience engaged and active. I will also implement strategically placed exercises to ensure that the audience leaves with solid information to create real and sustainable change in their company or business.

“Your presentation nailed it for us and really showed us how we could use the Internet to generate more leads and build better niche markets”

— Ron Erdmann - VP of National City Bank

Professional Speaker

As a meeting planner, you have a tough job! You are coordinating a million details and trying to create a relevant event with great speakers and quality information. Let me help you accomplish that goal by providing a useful, timely, and exciting program. If we book a date together you can be assured I will be there and will deliver an outstanding program. I provide a variety of options and flexibility on topics, material, program customization, program length, training materials and fee structure.

“Your presentation was very well researched and the information was current and hard hitting. It helped us understand how to use the Internet, increase our web site visibility, generate new leads, and increase our sales.”

— Bruce Heyman - International Window Covering Exchange

I provide a variety of topics and programs or I can offer a fully customized program for your audience depending on your needs. Please call me today about your needs; you have my word that you won’t be disappointed!


Michael Temple
Consultant & Professional Speaker

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