When it comes to planning a new strategic direction for your business many times the company and their management team already have all the information to create a new strategy, but they simply don’t know how to access that information and put it into a format that is actionable.

That is where our expertise in leading small group facilitation comes into play. We will schedule planning sessions with your management, sales, marketing, customer service and other departments and team members to ask the right questions and capture the great info locked up in your business.

The facilitation outline is completely flexible to your business needs. We can meet as little as one time or several sessions with multiple groups and teams to capture that valuable information and put it into a strategic marketing plan.

Benefits of guided facilitation include:

  • Unlocking Internal Expertise – In most organizations you have a variety of employees that have not only specialized information about how to solve problems, but also have identified problems and issues that need to be addressed. Asking the right questions can unlock and bring to light this valuable information in a way that will move the organization forward.
  • Open Access – Sometimes the issue with unlocking the valuable information in an organization is simply having someone outside the company asking the right questions and doing intelligent follow up. Employees are often more open with an outside individual and will share information in ways that they wouldn’t with another member of the company.
  • Global View – Because a facilitator is asking the right questions and capturing that information they are often in a unique position to see trends, common threads and other issues that looking at a few employees or departments doesn’t see. A good facilitator can use this information to do additional information collection and clarify large issues, trends, common threads in ways internal employees can’t.
  • Too Close – The reason outside facilitators are often more successful is because they are detached from the organization and can see things with fresh eyes that employees can’t see. This is especially true of small or family run businesses that have a different dynamic in them. Employees and management often have built in obstacles and inhibitors for a variety of reasons that doesn’t let them see the forest for the trees and miss crucial details.


Marketing Facilitator

Our Process:

First, we sit down with your management team and identify the scope of the engagement including:

  • Issues as the company sees them
  • Team to meet with
  • Number of sessions
  • Scope of engagement

Once a plan in laid out for what needs to happen we will work with your management team to schedule the session on site or off site in a retreat if necessary. We will develop the questions and process to follow and lead your entire company through it that was identified in engagement planning.

When the information gathering phase is complete our team will work on developing the information into a useable form that can be further developed into a strategy and an actionable plan for your entire team broke down by departments, company goals, and benchmarks.

If you would like to learn more about how an outside facilitator can help your business develop a new strategic information and direction start by calling us to schedule a free 45-minute consultation. There is no cost or obligation, but you will walk away with actionable and valuable information to help your business today. If during that conversation it appears a facilitator can help we can set up a limited engagement and customize the approach anyway you need. You have nothing to lose and an improved business direction to gain so call today.