These training programs and seminars are designed for companies and organizations that want to supercharge the performance of their interactive marketing efforts.  The programs are designed to give hard hitting information that can immediately be put in place to start creating real and sustainable change to an organization’s bottom line.  The material in each session is delivered in a clear, non-technical, entertaining format.  Each of the programs can be customized for your industry and business problems.  In addition, they can be tailored to your specific needs for length, format, and topic focus as well.

If you don’t see a specific topic you would like covered please call to discuss your needs. Michael can provide additional programs on other related marketing topics, sales, customer service, copywriting, and other management topics within his experience and expertise. The programs below are the ones most in demand.

Spinning The Web Into Gold™

This is the signature program that started it all and gives a broad overview of an entire Internet marketing program. The program is designed to improve your results for selling products, services or lead generation. The program is designed to be a “how to” program and incorporates materials and strategic exercises that will allow you to develop strategies and information for your unique business or situation. If you are a marketing manager or also responsible for marketing, this program will help you put together a winning Internet marketing strategy that will have a positive effect on your sales and profitability.

eCommerce Goldmine™

Far too many businesses launch eCommerce web sites with high hopes only to find their project a failure. People can’t find the site in search engines and even when people visit the site they don’t buy anything. This program gives you the tools and strategies to change all of that. It is designed to show you how to develop high quality traffic to your web site and create competition proof strategies that will not only help you sell more products, but bring more people back for repeat purchases. You will learn specific strategies for developing traffic, creating a site that converts more visitors into customers and how to design powerful loyalty programs. Learn how to build a competition proof Internet business today!

The Purpose Driven Web Site™

Many businesses look at having web sites like the cliché of “keeping up with the Jones” they want them because others have them. What they often forget is that a web site serves a very specific purpose in the marketing, sales or customer service arena(s) and knowing what that purpose is helps you focus your efforts and resources on achieving that goal. No matter what your priority or goals are for your Internet marketing strategy this program will help you determine what that purpose is and specific strategies to get better results on that stated purpose. If you can’t answer the question of why you have a web site any better then because you thought you needed it then you need to attend this program.

The Traffic Tsunami™

On average there are 1,500 new web sites going up daily! The chances that people will find your site are slim at best. If you have a web site that can’t be found in the search engines with a police search party then you need this program. Unfortunately there is a ton of bad and outdated information out there and businesses need to be cautious about strategies they are employing. When it comes to search engine marketing there are more myths out there than in a book of “Grimes Fairy Tales!” In this session Michael will dispel many of the myths of search engine marketing, offer proven strategies for traffic building and how to keep people coming back again. The greatest web site in the world won’t do an organization any good if no one sees it. You will learn how to attract and retain both qualified and interested people to your site. Finally, you will learn techniques for tracking and improving your strategies for maximum returns.

Customized Program

All of the above programs can be customized to a specific industry or business.  In addition, each of them can be customized into various time frames and formats.  Finally, each program can have focus placed on specific sections to address your exact need and business problem.

If you don’t feel any of the listed programs can be customized enough for your specific needs, then Michael can write a completely unique and fully customized program for your organization or industry.  This program would be developed using Michael’s areas of expertise, but would be totally unique to your organization.

It can include customized work books, tools, products, and of course material.  The materials could be branded with your company logos and include specific case studies and material unique to your company or group.  These types of programs typically include specific company data, case studies, products or services, working processes, and other things making them a completely custom fit to your organization.  Contact Michael today to discuss your fully customized program needs.

All of these programs are available in key note, half day, full day, or panel discussion format. If you are interested in any of these great programs or would like to discuss a customized program for your company, association or organization please call today!