Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Process

Inbound Marketing is the process where you deliver content and value to your prospects as they enter and move through the customer journey. Unlike traditional advertising that interrupts buyers to put your message in front of them; inbound marketing draws visitors to you as they are entering the buying process and guides them through the process of cold prospect to paying customer.

Inbound Marketing has the added benefit of helping you build your brand. Customers learn to develop trust with you as they move through the process. A well-executed inbound strategy will help you avoid having to fight for customer’s attention. By creating relevant and useful content to address customer questions and concerns you will attract both the right customers and a more qualified customer that is ready to buy.

Inbound Marketing has a lot of individual pieces and strategies, but breaks down into 4 main steps:


In the attraction phase prospects don’t generally know you or have not done business with you before. As these individuals search online for solutions to a problem the search engines will deliver search results linked to your content. It is at this stage that visitors first become exposed to your brand. During this opening phase, you are pulling people into your digital marketing circle with content including:

  • Blogs
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • Premium Content


In the second step as your audience is interacting with your content, you are placing offers for additional information in front of them. It is this offer for something of value that will create the need and motivation for a prospect to want and request it. In the industry, this is called a conversion. At this step that you convert visitors into leads. They go from being unknown to known and give you permission to continue to communicate with them. This step typically includes strategies such as:

  • Lead Magnets
  • Landing Pages
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Scoring


On the third step, is where you can finally convert them from a lead to a customer. Once a lead crosses the threshold to become a customer by paying you any amount of money the relationship changes. At this stage listening to customer desires and carefully tracking data is very important. It is at this stage that these strategies come into the sales cycle:

  • Tripwires
  • Core Offers
  • Profit Maximizer
  • Cross Selling


During the final stage, you are continuing to exceed their expectations when you engage with them. You will offer additional content and new offers to maximize the lifetime value of your customers. It is always easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to bring in a new one. During this last stage, you will apply strategies such as:

  • Return Path
  • Engagement Emails
  • Segmentation
  • Ascension

Our Services

Our consultants are certified in the Inbound Marketing Strategy and keep these certifications current. We are always adding to our core knowledge with new case studies and strategies to compliment and augment our certifications. We can work with businesses to design and execute a complete inbound marketing strategy, including:

  • Design & Set Up
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Software Implementation
  • Execution and/or Training

We offer 2 main models for implementing an inbound marketing strategy:

Full Service

In this model, we do everything including all initial research, design, set up, implementation, and execution. This is a joint process as we work together to build out the strategy. We will do every step of the process and essentially become your outsourced marketing team.

We will work closely with your sales team to deliver quality leads and senior management to review strategy and metrics that demonstrate ROI. Businesses that don’t have internal resources to build and run inbound marketing campaigns like this model because they get all the benefits without having to add new and expensive personnel and/or reassign existing staff.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

In this model, we will do the initial research, design, implementation, training, and finally kick off for you, but after the kick off we move to an advisory role while your employees take over the system we build together. Businesses that have an internal marketing team like this system because it couples our expertise with your employee’s knowledge of company culture and industry expertise. Our advisory role can be as little or as much as you need and can last as long as you want from a month to indefinitely.

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